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Ad Info
Wild ARMs
Review By: Jared Black
Developer:   Media Vision
Publisher:   Sony
# of Players:   1
Genre:   RPG
ESRB:   Everyone

Lately, there has been a big drought of quality RPGs. Next generation systems in particular seem to have precious few RPGs, and the ones available aren't that great. However, this trend seems to be changing with releases like Suikoden and upcoming games like FF7 and Breath of Fire 3. Wild Arms is another one of these great RPGs coming to the Playstation.

The story is standard RPG fare. Three young heroes go on a quest to save the world. Sure, it's not the most imaginative of plots, but the way it unfolds is epic. This game is full of amazing and unbelievable plot twists. There are hundreds of characters with which to interact with, and amazing cut scenes in the same vein as Square's Final Fantasy series.

The graphics are absolutely amazing. There are many cut scenes used to tell the story and show emotional moments, and these are amazingly animated. The battles are totally 3D, with some amazing special effects. The overworld map is fairly detailed, more than adequate for getting around. The towns are very detailed as well, and even the intro is amazing (some of the best anime I've ever seen).

The music is stellar. The music almost always fits the mood. It's very breezy in towns, intense in battle scenes, and changes according to emotions in the cut scenes. The sound effects are pretty good as well, and although they don't sound realistic, they are surprisingly good. Overall, this area of the game is very "sound".

Bottom Line: If you're a RPG fan, get this game. It's great!

Overall: 8.7
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