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Ad Info
Wipeout XL
Review By: Jared Black
Developer:   Psygnosis
Publisher:   Sony
# of Players:   1-4 (link cable)
Genre:   Racing
ESRB:   Everyone

When the original WipEout was released for the PSX, it set a new standard in racing games. The graphics were superb, the speed was mind-blowing, and the whole futuristic setting was very immersive. Well, the boys at Psygnosis have outdone themselves with this awesome sequel. Everything about this game is generations ahead of the first WipEout.

The graphics are absolutely mind-blowing. The cars are very detailed, and the weapons utilize some amazing special effects. The backgrounds are again set in the far future, and this time they feature some elements that move! Things such as a train speeding along the track and snow really add to the realism of the game. And although this isn't really important to the game itself, WipEout XL features one of the most impressive intros I've ever seen (only Wild Arms eclipses it IMHO).

On to music. Again, the music is techno-based, and features hit songs from real bands such as Prodigy and Fluke. The music perfects the overall futuristic feel to the game, and is a joy to listen to. The sound effects are also very impressive.

Well, all of this is just fluff. How does the game actually play? Well, the controls can be a little difficult if you haven't played the first WipEout, but you quickly adapt to them. The game features four different speeds, and the slowest speed is easy to get used to. So, although the game can be initially frustrating, the gamer quickly becomes accustomed to the controls.

Overall: 9.6
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