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World's Scariest Police Chases
Review By:  Joe Rolfe
Developer:   UDS
Publisher:   Activision
# of Players:   1-2
Genre:   Driving
ESRB:   Teen
Date Posted:   6-27-01

A game that has been in the stages of development whereabouts hell for quite some time, World’s Scariest Police Chases (WSPC) has finally dropped on our precious PSones. Borrowing a few characteristics from Destruction Derby and a healthy dose of Driver-esque action, WSPC should have no problem finding its target audience. It may not come near grasping the quality or fun of those two previous titles, but World’s Scariest Police Chases is still a fairly enjoyable ride.

World’s Scariest Police Chases is based on the popular Fox TV program of the same name. As the title implies, the game is all about Police chases – the gamer being in the seat of "The Man" while you’re in constant chase of a law-breaking outlaw. WSPC is composed of a few modes: Pursuit, Free Patrol and Single Mission. The heart of the game lies within the Pursuit Mode, where the player grows from a rookie cop through training sessions to being involved in hotly contested hunt missions. There are a healthy number of levels, spreading overly surprisingly diverse environments.

Each assignment requires that the gamer somehow stop the getaway car and send ‘em to the big house. This can be done by either A) ramming your vehicle into theirs enough time to stall the bad guy’s car or B) use enough ammunition from your firearm to stop them. Each mission may be different in that the amount of time you spend chasing enemies before opening fire or when they "drop" off an important piece of evidence behind (which you’ll later have to pick up) is lengthened, WSPC can’t hide it’s own fault of how stale and repetitive the game can become. Beyond just ramming the cars into each other or firing off a hundred off-target rounds lies very little else to accomplish. Not to say it isn’t fun to do this, as the damage model for cars is done quite well and sending the baddies into a wall is always enjoyable, but I was hoping for a little more creativity on the developer’s part. There is the 2-player co-op mode, allowing player one to drive and player two to use the weapon, but it isn’t a total make up for the sparse inventiveness.

World’s Scariest Police Chases offers a decent, if uninspiring, audio and visual package. The graphics are slightly above average, sporting simple car models, bland environments and a lot of loose polygons here and there. The frame rate is stable, and although it’s not really ugly, WSPC ain’t Gran Turismo 2, either.

The sound is pretty average as well. Car crashes, radio gabber and car revs are fairly standard stuff. Music, for some reason, is basically non-existent. The game does get a little professional touch up, however, being graced by the familiar voice of John Bunnel in between levels – the very same man who hosts the shows on TV.

I didn’t have high expectations for World’s Scariest Police Chases, and I wasn’t shocked to find that it didn’t surprise me much. It has an average PlayStation presentation, accompanied by oft-times fun yet many times monotonous gameplay. Don’t be afraid to look into it for a while, but don’t bother spending cold hard cash for it either.


  • Time-tested chase-and-crash gameplay
  • Safer than doing this stuff in real life


  • Can get boring and redundant after a while
  • Graphics could use a bit more polish
  • No soundtrack to pump up gamer


For better or for worse, World’s Scariest Police Chases is a guilty little pleasure of gaming. You know that there are better and more fun titles out there, but there are still a few attributes that can be enjoyed for a little while. Give it a whirl, but don’t expect it to last too long.

Overall Score: 6.7

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