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New F-Zero Info


Post by Metal Mario » Wed May 07, 2003 9:44 am

*Source: IGN

Nintendo's upcoming GameCube racer, having received the official name of F-Zero GX just recently, has also, apparently, received a set of official modes to be revealed in the upcoming round of Japanese magazines.

The game will apparently include five main modes of play:

Street Mode: Clear a series of missions with Captain Falcon

Practice Mode: Up to 30 vehicles can race at once

Gran Prix Mode: 30 vehicles race. Each pilot has her own ending movie

Versus Mode: For two players, you can chose vertical/horizontal split screen. Four players can also race using four-way split screen.

Time Attack Mode: In this mode, you can race against a five-minute ghost racer based off your own driving data.

Also revealed is that the game will take up 22 blocks on the memory card.

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